Pepys’s diary records after hearing recorders (Feb 1668):

"... The wind musique ... Which is so sweet that it ravished me, and indeed, in a word did wrap up my soul so that it made me really sick, just as I have formerly been when in love with my wife; that neither then, nor all the evening going home and at home, I was able to think of any thing, but remained all night transported, so as I could not believe that ever any musique hath that real command over the soul of a man as did this upon me ...

The Recorder is the name in English-speaking countries for the musical instrument, known in French as Flûte à Bec, in German as Blockflöte, and in Italian as Flauto Dolce

Many people do not know that it comprises a whole family of instruments, rather than just the Descant, best known for being played (often badly!) by primary school children.

It is often thought to be just a first instrument, intended as a starter before children “progress” to a “real” instrument, but in fact the recorder is a serious instrument in its own right, with a large repertoire of music, an increasing amount of which is being composed specifically for the instrument.

This site provides some information about the recorder, and links to much more, as well as hosting a couple of recorder-related organisations. More may follow.

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